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Red Rock RV Wash

Detail Packages:

Wash Package:

First, we scrub down the coach with a soft brush and gentle soap that was specially designed by our company for recreational vehicles. We then use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the wheel wells and mud flaps. We also use a special bug sponge to remove any buildup on the windshield. Once this is complete, we rinse the coach with spot-free R/O water. The chrome, windows and rims are hand-dried and tires are dressed to a shine.

*Lambswool package is available at an additional charge.

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Wash & Hand Wax:

The coach is washed to remove all dirt, bugs and debris, then a specially designed polymer and Teflon-based sealant is applied by hand. Once cured to the finish, it is removed with a microfiber towel, which produces a high gloss protective finish.


*This wax is good for up to one year on coaches that experience normal wear and tear.

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Rim Polishing:

Our experienced technicians use a specially designed aluminum wheel acid to clean and prep the rims. The rims are then hand-polished to a high shine like you haven't seen since your coach was brand new.

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Fiberglass Renewal:

When fiberglass coaches become moderately to heavily oxidized, a wax will no longer be able to restore it to its original shine. In these instances, we offer multiple options to correct the appearance of the fiberglass. Please contact us for individualized quotes.

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Carpet Cleaning:

Allow us to help you reverse the buildup of dirt, grime and more in your carpet. Our hot water extraction and hand-scrubbing techniques help restore your carpets and remove stains. We do not leave chemicals behind in your carpet, which over time can actually attract dirt and create stains. We also clean captain's chairs, couches and offer scotch guarding.

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Oxidation removal:

Has your coach incurred some oxidation from sitting in the sun or harsh weather? Has it been waxed regularly? We offer a package that can help restore your coach for a great price. Our experienced RV technicians add an extra step to our wash and wax package that removes the top layer of oxidation.

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